Monday, 5 December 2016

For the commonplace board

Finite Infinite by Philip Kilmore

This painting might have a bit of a poncey title but it is quintessentially from New Zealand.

The mountain looks like Mt Taranaki – although I can't be sure. The tin shed is covered in corrugated iron and there is a ubiquitous 40 gallon drum.

I found this work on a 2016 calendar.  Just lovely.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

I'm thinking farmers who grow my food.... check out operators....

Celeriac, Carrot & Potato Mash

Carole's Chatter: Celeriac, Carrot and Potato Mash

This dish was the first time I've used celeriac.  All the recipes I checked out made it sound quite easy so I gave it a go.

It was successful in terms of taste but not in terms of texture.  I bought the celeriac at a good speciality greengrocer so expected it to be good quality.  In fact I think it was a bit older than is desirable.  If you are going to try this, see if you can get a celeriac that is as white as possible.

This mash loosely followed one by Farm Fresh Feasts – thanks, Kirsten!


Salt and Pepper.


Peel your vegetables – and cut them up into chunks.  The celeriac was difficult to peel and even though I chopped a whole lot off the result still ended up a bit woody.

Simmer the vegetables in a mixture of chicken stock and water until they are good and tender. Drain and reserve the liquid to use again.

Roughly mash with lashings of butter and cream. Season to taste.

This had great flavour but the texture had fibrous bits in it.  I sieved it when using the mash the next day – but too much faffing about if you ask me.

I will try this again with a better celeriac.  The flavour was subtle but very tasty indeed.