Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Enid Blyton Five Go Parenting by Bruno Vincent

Five Go Parenting is the second adult Enid Blyton themed book I've read – and it was even better than the first.  The Famous Five end up having to look after their disreputable cousin's baby.  Their trials and tribulations are hilarious.

It's a quick read.  Do get it out from the library.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

This really is an Air New Zealand sick bag! Classic!

In case you can't read the last line it says 'If affected by motion sickness, use this bag and not your carry on'

Swiss Eggs - Reprised

Carole's Chatter: Swiss Eggs

I have no idea why this dish is Swiss!  I buttered some ramekins as well as I could (it didn't work- the egg still stuck a bit)

I put some pepper and some grated cheese into each ramekin – about a third of the way up and then broke 2 eggs into each ramekin.

More grated cheese on top followed by a splosh of cream and a few spots of Worcestershire sauce.

I baked these in a low oven until they were sufficiently done – in my case about 35 minutes (I think 25 would have been enough)

I baked them sitting in some hot water in an oven dish – the hot water came almost half way up the ramekins.  If you put too much water in you will have a bit of difficulty getting the ramekins out for serving.